Dear friends!
I want to provide you two new albums Photo and video. Album "Old Ladoga" and "Tsarskoye Selo2" (Pushkin)

Thanks to your purchases, I earned 164.78 dollars. The medicine that
I need in the near future is worth 58,000 rubles is about 1000 dollars.
Your purchases will help me buy this medicine. Many thanks to all!



Hello, my name Alena Mikhaleva...

Welcome to my website.

like many of the girls, decided to sell my own of photographs and videos. By buying my products, you will help me to buy the expensive drugs which I need to take twice a year (fall and spring), to prevent any further progress of my disease,

Do not judge my efforts too harshly, I am still learning to create videos, but I hope that with every new video, the quality will improve. Happy viewing.!

And I am asking you, please, to respect my copyright! Be true gentlemen.

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